As we’ve been discussing and putting together recipes, we’ve realised that the way in which we measure ingredients/temperatures etc…is very different (metric/imperial/US) – and we imagine that some of our readers might stumble across the same problem. So, in order to minimize any confusion, below are a list of relevant conversions.


140°C – 275°F – gas mark 1
150°C – 300°F – gas mark 2
165°C – 325°F – gas mark 3
180°C – 350°F – gas mark 4
190°C – 375°F – gas mark 5
200°C – 400°F – gas mark 6
220°C – 425°F – gas mark 7
230°C – 450°F – gas mark 8
250°C – 475°F – gas mark 9


I used to think that 1 cup was always equivalent to 225g, regardless of what ingredient I was measuring. However, I soon found out that this was not the case (after failing monumentally to make banana loaf) – conversions differ according to the ingredient, as the chart below illustrates:

Flour                                1 cup – 125g – 4 1/2oz

Sugar                               1 cup – 170g – 6oz

Butter/lard                     1 cup – 2 sticks – 225g – 8oz

Raisins etc                      1 cup – 140g – 5oz

Ground almonds           1 cup – 100g – 3 1/2oz

Uncooked rice               1 cup – 170g – 6oz

Grated cheese                1 cup – 110g – 4oz

Chopped nuts                1 cup – 100g – 3 1/2oz


1 tablespoon (US) – 3 teaspoons – 15ml


Google as a conversion resource

If the above does not suffice and you need to convert a more precise value, Google is a great resource. For instance, for converting fluid oz into milliletres, you just type into google ‘5oz in ml‘ and it will come up with the precise conversion value: 142.065371ml (precise, yes). I frequently use this method, for other such conversions too, outside of the kitchen!


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