The mystery cookie

March 22, 2012

It’s 10.30pm. I’ve been studying on campus since 9am, returning home about half an hour. And what do I decide to do to relax?! I BAKE COOKIES. Of course I do. Read? Watch tv? Listen to music? Pfffff. Some people might say i’m crazy…I’m even starting to think I might be a littttttle crazy. I can’t remember the last time I cooked myself a proper meal for dinner (peas, butter and salt doesn’t count, right?!), but here I am, an hour and a half til the clock strikes midnight, waiting for the oven to ping. Actually – I’ve just realised that the oven won’t ping as I haven’t set the timer…and yep, the second batch of cookies are now slightly ‘well done’ (read: burnt). Ah well. I’m going to tell myself that one stellar batch of cookies is pretty good going for my current sleep-deprived state.

And this is no time for modesty – these cookies are downright BRILLIANT. I am terrible at making cookies – banana bread, brownies, scones, florentines even, I can do – but getting that cookie to just the right chewy consistency, yet slightly crisp and crumbly on the outside, is normally entirely beyond me. But not tonight. And the thing is – I will NEVER be able to make these again. I didn’t follow a recipe did i?! All i can go on is that I used cooking oil instead of butter (i’m still a student with an empty fridge, remember?) and in addition to the usual bog-standard cookie ingredients, threw in some peanut butter and strawberry jam to jazz it up a little (i.e. they were the only vaguely interesting ingredients I had in the cupboard).

And there you have it – the wonderful mystery cookie. Let’s hope we meet again….




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