Sweet parathas

June 4, 2011

Whilst I was making Raju’s aloo parathas, I wondered whether the potato filling could be substituted for something sweet – we did it for the samosas, why not do it for parathas too? Rooting around in the kitchen cupboards and the fridge (both delightfully full…one of the joys of living at home), I managed to rustle together some dried apricots, raisins, pecans, pistachios, honey and ground cinnamon – choosing to take the Indian paratha down a sweet Moroccan-esque road. Blitzing the ingredients in a blender, I then followed the same ‘assembling the paratha’ step as with Raju’s recipe below – plonking a dollop of the sweet fruity/nutty paste into the centre of a flattened piece of dough and then wrapping the dough around it. The only difference was, that when I then went to roll the first one out, the dough split in a number of places, with the mixture oozing out. I think this was due to the fact that a) I had overfilled the balls and b) I mistakenly let the filled balls dry slightly before rolling them out, which meant that the dough had hardened and wasn’t so malleable. However, it just meant that I had to make the parathas smaller and deeper, as you can see from the photo.

They were good. Not great, but still yummy enough to want to eat (I had two…). I, however, am someone who has a weakness for all things sweet/dough-related…so I’m really not sure if I can be trusted to be entirely objective. My parents liked, but weren’t blown away by them – I think it is a recipe that has potential – with time and effort, it could be refined and perfected! (My mum said the filling would probably work perfectly with filo pastry instead of paratha dough, but then it would cease to be a sweet paratha…)

(I didn’t note down specific quantities of the ingredients, as this was very much trial-and-error)


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