The story begins…

May 7, 2011

Our story goes: two girls, one from the US, one from the UK, meet in the Indian ‘sticks’ and almost instantly strike up a bond over food. Ours is the plain and simple, all consuming love of food – the kind of love that drives one to distraction.

We wouldn’t blame those in our office for calling us many things…among them ‘hamsters’, ‘fatties’, and quite possibly ‘overgrown monsters that talk about food all day long’… (these labels come courtesy of a dating clip from the 1980s with men describing women they wanted least to date… dating norms have changed since the 80s right?)

While we’re not exactly certain what triggered our first conversation about food, we both instantly knew that the other was equally as interested (or obsessed?) with the topic. One conversation turned into two which quickly turned into four to five hours per day discussing favorite recipes, looking up restaurant reviews from around the world, and dreaming about the foods we would consume upon returning to a city (ANY city). Devoid of ovens, proper cooking facilities and both the most basic and wondrous of ingredients for months on end, we have tortured ourselves with incessant food chatter and decided we needed to find an outlet for it before those in our office got fed up. One can only take so much of two girls groaning and repeatedly screaming ‘I want to eat that NOW’ at their laptops.

So, this transoceanic love for all things food-related is what started it all. With a mission to share our favorite recipes (self-created and poached), often including a cross-cultural and Indian twist (why not, considering that’s what first brought us together), restaurant reviews of the often overlooked or unnoticed restaurants in both the most populated and remote parts of the world along with some witty banter, we created The Custard Apples.

When we’re not reading/writing about food or just simply eating, we spend our days working in the development sector. Hannah is originally from Kent while Lindsey is from Seattle. Post-India, Hannah will be returning to London and Lindsey, somewhere in the US.


3 Responses to “The story begins…”

  1. we get the food we deserve!

  2. Cindy Peugh said

    This will be fun to read. Looking forward to more updates and new receipes!!!! Fantastic

  3. Janani said

    Hello ladies, looking forward to following your food journey!

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